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Which jews harp is best for a beginner?

D. Glazyrin's workshop

Dmitry Glazyrin began manufacturing jews harps for sale in 2010 and already the first model attracted the attention of the public with a combination of qualities and low cost. The dominant feature has become - and remains to this day - the loudness of the instruments, together with the sensitivity, i.e. ratio of effort to the amount of sound received. The second most important factor for their distribution was the stability of manufacturing, which made it possible to distribute such vargans in the format of shops. Over the next few years, the game qualities and the manufacturing process developed rapidly, and the model range expanded. And in 2015, it came to moving on to the next mass stage - inexpensive barrows appeared with the same unsurpassed price-to-volume ratio. This time has become an important point in the global spread of the jews harpand drawing attention to it. Instruments, on which any person could make a loud and colorful sound at once, became available - both geographically and in terms of price. Never before it was impossible to imagine that such a thing could just go and buy, at best, it was necessary to know the master who made several of them a month - and that, “if it works.” At the moment, the jews harps of the Glazyrin workshop are the most massive and the best means for attracting attention cannot be invented. However, it is worth noting that their acoustic properties are rather peculiar and limit the scope and style of play. The main advantages are still the volume and richness of the tone - any touch of the tongue allows you to get a rich, colorful sound. But the limitation (for the best models) is precisely that it sounds all at once, and with a non-linear distribution of the overtones (internal notes of the jews harp), this fundamentally makes it difficult to play with a wide palette of overtones. For styles with a rhythmic bias, if you need a drive, expression and the ability to break through the surrounding noise - the Ural vargans are perfect. A brief overview of current models:     DG835 / DG824 / DG823 / DG861 are budgetary jews harps, differing from older versions by simplified reeds mechanics - you can quickly beat them only with the appearance of strong overtones. And they are not the loudest. The difference between them - in pitch - DG835 is the lowest, DG823 is the highest. DG861 - sound the other three.     DG845, DG888, DG797 - small jews harps with the highest sound - their mechanical buzz is most pronounced. Differ also in height. DG797 also louder.     DG815, DG811, DG807, DG569, DG1140 - more, louder. Mechanics reeds slightly better than the budget.     DG644, DG863, DG777, DG848, DG862, DG655 - this is the maximum volume and stability, also arranged in increasing frequency / stiffness. Along with it, the visibility of the mechanical nature of the timbre also increases - in low models it is perceived more harmoniously. DG644 differs from the others by an increased weight of the tongue, which is very pleasantly felt with a finger, as well as with the maximum clarity of sound - there are practically no mechanical sounds - this is the only such harp in the Glazyrin workshop.     DG812, DG1132, DG983, DG984 - exotic, experiments Practically all Glazyrin jews harps together with the pitch of the sound also increase the visibility of the mechanical nature of the timbre, as well as the attenuation time decreases disproportionately - the lowest models are perceived as the most harmonious.

Russia, Snezhinks, Ural

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Russian Vargans

"Atkus" Vargan (Russian Vargans)
"Atkus" Vargan, 112 USD
"Itkul" Vargan (Russian Vargans) "Myrkay" Vargan (Russian Vargans)
"Nurgush" Vargan (Russian Vargans) "Telposiz" Vargan (Russian Vargans) "Yamanigan" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG1060 "Snezhinsk" Vargan (Russian Vargans)
DG1132 "Iset" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG1140 "Kozhakul" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG1199 "Kurtuguz" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG1234 "Shablish" Vargan (Russian Vargans)
DG1270 "Kulat" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG1274 "Minishty" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG1300 "Mishelyak" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG569 "Mayardak" Vargan (Russian Vargans)
DG644 "Iremel" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG655 "Suk-Tash" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG777 "Bashtur" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG797 "Tugashka" Vargan (Russian Vargans)
DG807 "Mashak" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG811 "Yandyk" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG812 "Kuyash" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG815 "Nasyrka" Vargan (Russian Vargans)
DG823 "Sunduk-Tash" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG824 "Kara-Tash" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG835 "Belyatur" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG845 "Buldymka" Vargan (Russian Vargans)
DG848 "Yaman-Tau" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG861 "Kapkaly" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG862 "Kumardak" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG863 "Yalangas" Vargan (Russian Vargans)
DG888 "Zyzelka" Vargan (Russian Vargans) DG983 "Dynyan-Suygan" Jews Harp (Russian Vargans) DG997 Tuned Jew's Harps Set (Russian Vargans) VK787 "Anbash" Vargan (Russian Vargans)
VK798 "Ulagach" Vargan (Russian Vargans)
Warning! Overwhelming majority of jaw harps presented are single pieces or made by hand, in very small quantities, instruments. There is no jaw harp factories exists; every one is unique in details, in different degree.
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