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    • Paid for a D1 .... was told no longer in stock and was asked to select F1, G1 or A1 ..... ended up paying extra 2,000 rubles for delivery and finally receiving harp in mail today.  Wrong harp. Oberton sent a G1. Did not need another G1. Very disappointed. 
    • Bonjour, Je ne suis pas un grand spécialiste des blogs et poste peut-être ce message au mauvais endroit(?) Concernant ma première commande, je suis totalement satisfait des services d'Oberton Pro. Envoi rapide et bien conditionné. Guimbardes magnifiques et de qualité. Une seconde commande est en cours! Здравствуйте, я не великий блогер и, возможно, я размещаю это сообщение не в том месте (?) Что касается моего первого заказа, я полностью доволен услугами Обертон Про. Быстрая и качественная доставка. Великолепная и качественная еврейская арфа. Выполняется второй заказ! Hello, I'm not a great blogger and maybe I'm posting this message in the wrong place (?) Regarding my first order, I am completely satisfied with the services of Oberton Pro. Fast and well-conditioned shipment. Magnificent and quality Jew's harp. A second order is in progress!  
    • This is a little marvel. It's highly responsive, can do all sorts of sound "tricks" and has an incredible sustain. If you vibrate it with breath, you can literally feel it shaking back your mouth cavity. However, it is small in size, so you may need to adjust your usual grip. I use a "fan" grip, which works well (with the tongue extending past the frame providing some extra purchase). If you don't l know what I mean by a "fan" grip, it's like how the Orthodox press their thumb, index and middle finger together to make the sign of the cross, with fingers held horizontally in line with the harp / mouth, thumb on the inside (closer to face). I'm also not sure this is a beginner's harp... You have to strike fairly accurately to avoid "clinking". Finally, the reed is quite soft, so it may not work for really quick moves. Still, one of the most fun jaw harps I own, and the price point is just amazing for what you get. Do buy!
    • Glazyrin harp frames are (mostly) made of stainless steel, and some harp descriptions mention a stainless steel reed as well (e.g. VK787). Do all Glazyrin harps have stainless steel reeds? If not, which ones do? Thx   Рамы глазыриновых арф (в основном) изготовлены из нержавеющей стали, а в некоторых описаниях арф упоминается также трость из нержавеющей стали (например, VK787). У всех арф Глазырина трость из нержавеющей стали? Если нет, то какие? Спасибо.
    • I think you’ll find that stiffer reeds make for better control when trying to play fast, but produce more vibration into the teeth. I have a Ghorka morchang with a very stiff reed that I personally find rather unpleasant to play for any length of time. If you have sensitive teeth, you might seek out a soft reed. The Glazyrin Lighthouse has a very soft reed. It roars like a lion but purrs  like a kitten on the teeth. It’s a base though, great for techno, but maybe not as high as you’re looking for. 
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