Which jews harp is best for a beginner?


Magnetic Ball for the DG811 Jew's Harp (Other) "Vargan" Tutorial Book (Russian) - V.Markov, I.Bogatirova (Book, Rus, 2019) (Other) Recommended as first jaw harp Cup C1181 (Other)
Cup C1181, 9 USD
Cup "World" (Other)
Cup "World", 9 USD
Cup С1219 (Other)
Cup С1219, 9 USD
Cup С1220 (Other)
Cup С1220, 9 USD
Cup С1221 (Other)
Cup С1221, 9 USD
Cup С1222 (Other)
Cup С1222, 9 USD
"A Nightingale Song" T-Shirt (Other) S.Shishigin - Play the khomus (book, 2015) (Other) "Nightingale" Sound Cleaner (Other)


Demagnitizing (Services) Weighting (Services)
Weighting, 4 USD
Tuning (Services)
Tuning, 7 USD
Reed Elbow Rework (Services)
Jaw harp repair (Services)


Jews Harp Lesson (Tickets) Recommended as first jaw harp
Warning! Overwhelming majority of jaw harps presented are single pieces or made by hand, in very small quantities, instruments. There is no jaw harp factories exists; every one is unique in details, in different degree.
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