Oberton Pro Jews Harps Center

The Vargan Center "Oberton Pro" includes an online store, a demonstration hall, a museum, a workshop, an audio/video studio, as well as a platform for events and concerts. We are engaged only in jews harps. There is no more this in the world.

Черная комната Обертон Про

The main goals of the Center:

1) Providing the possibility of a full choice of both beginners and sophisticated Varganists and familiarization with all the incredible variety of this seemingly primitive instrument. In a quiet, cozy atmosphere, you can slowly try to play on all the boars available on sale in the online store, reinforced by the advice of specialists if necessary. Thanks to an individual approach, even a person who has never seen Vargan before 5-10 minutes begins to confidently make the simplest sounds.

2) The development of the culture of the use of Vargan as a musical instrument. We show the world how you can and should play using the capabilities of our studio and promoting other people's materials; We talk about the features of existing tools and attract the attention of both masters and players to those features that contribute to the training and development of the musical game, and are not limited to momentary pleasure. The own training program is designed for any level of training and includes the foundations of the general theory of music and its practical application in the context of the instrument.

We do not have “sellers” and “managers”, but there are enthusiastic people interested in Vargana who sincerely try to share with every experience and enthusiasm.

Василий, бывший директор Обертон Про

Short story

It all started in 2008, when the words " Vargan " in Russia in general and in St. Petersburg, in particular, did not hear almost no one, and the few people heard had no opportunity to buy it, but even see where to see where -Libo alive. When the future creator of Oberton, Oleg Rodin, accidentally fell into the hands of Vargan, and then, after a year of painful searches and correspondence, and several more, it became clear - this thing is worthy of attention! Thus, personal interest and desire to share with the whole world that Varganes still exist and are very different, led to the creation of an online store in the simplest form.

In 2010, we had its own premises and the store stopped being only the Internet, starting to collect St. Petersburg enthusiasts around us. Its own workshop was launched and the first boiled concert was held.

In 2013, we held the first competition of the “Win ​​New Vargan” series and began to systematically measure such physical parameters of the Varganes, about which even the most experienced players did not suspect or limited the terms “Many/Little”.


In 2014, we held the first monthly boiled jam.

In 2015, they opened the studio, offering a free quality audio video for any boiled projects.

In 2017, they opened a full -fledged school with a unique training program based on classical musical theory.

In 2019, the exporters. New level in the nomination exporter of the year in the E-Commerce nomination became winning the Russian Prize, having received a gold contract with DHL, providing foreign customers with the conditions of purchase at the world level.

In 2021 we moved to another room and prepared a new version of the center for launch for a year.

In 2022, Oberton Pro 2.0 opened, raised to the next level the distribution of Jews harps... again!

Legal information

IP Rodnin O.Y., Reg No 310784705700615, INN 783800416596, OKPO 0170768597, OKATO 40262563000, OKVED 52.6, 52.61, 52.61.1

Legal address: St. Petersburg, 190000, B.Morskaya 25

The actual address: St. Petersburg, 190068, Soyuza Pechatnikov 10А