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We ship worldwide - to all countries. Fast and with safe warranty.

There are three options:

  • Economy untracked (!) air-mail
  • Standard registered air-mail
  • EMS
  • DHL Express
  • UPS
Untracked parcel has unbeatable price (from 350 rub - about 3 USD for the parcel of any size up to 2 kg) and great for cheaper orders. Registered parcel is optimal for most situations and price is fixed for any destination and any order (from 500 rub - about 7 usd). EMS is slightly faster but much more expensive; exact price you can in the cart, after adding any item. DHL Express is a fastest option with 1-3 business days delivery to most countries.

Tracking number is given for any parcel, except "untracked". There are even more faster services available by request.

Economy/Standard international mail has no fixed delivery times - it is some kind of lottery, but average speed is 10-20 days. During high load periods (like December-January) it can be slower. In very rare cases 30+ days delays can happen. We can not make post work faster or get any additional information beyond shown on public tracking page.

We take all responsibility for shipping by Registered/EMS/DHL/UPS mail until you get parcel in hands - you dont need to worry about lost or damaged items. If you will not receive parcel in 60 days or something will be damaged, we will offer resend or refund.

For "Untracked" parcels we are responsible only for the contents. There will be no tracking number or any information about shipment status. We will not cover parcel lost. We will not be able to provide any documents about parcel in case of delays, as they are shipped in bulk.

Every jews harp is checked before packing and we make wooden reed protectors for any one without case. It guarantees safe transportation. Many of our jews harps are top quality, made with high precision and has acoustic grade, unknown in the modern Western world - but they require very accurate handling. If you never played JH or already used to grandmothers Snoopy Harp, first sound can be "clang" - it is not defect but a reason to read this guide.

Buyer is responsible for paying and taxes or customs fees according to local laws. Small generic parcels has small chances of additional customs payments; DHL/UPS with more than 3-5 items will require some additional formalities in most cases.

There is much more shipping options for Russia - please switch language to see them all.

Payment options

  • Bank Cards VISA / MasterCard / etc
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Yandex.Money
  • QIWI
  • Bank transfer (by special request)
Способы оплаты - Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги, Qiwi, Paypal, VISA, Mastercard


You can return any item within 7 days after receiving without any reason. If there will be defects or our/postal mistakes, we will return full price including shipping cost. If you just not like it or did not managed to receive parcel awaiting for pickup in local post office, we will retain shipping cost.