Which jews harp is best for a beginner?

ZS101 "Tibet" Doromb

ZS101 "Tibet" Doromb ' . L('index_recommended_all') . '
Hungarian Dorombs /
Oberton Pro Lab measurements:
Gaps: 50-150 µm (?)
Base frequency: 25-40 Hz (?)
Reed hardness: 25-40 gf (?)
Frame hardness: 80-150 gf (?)
Reed size: 105-115x20-30 mm
Overall dimensions: 100-120x50-55x7 mm (?)
Weight: 50-60 g
100 89* USD
*for online purchase
Case included: woodblock (?)
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best price
Just one of the lowest jews harps in the world. It is yor choice, if you sure that it is your way. Not for usual playing.