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Which jews harp is best for a beginner?

ZS482 "Rococo Big" Doromb

ZS482 "Rococo Big" Doromb ' . L('index_recommended_1') . '
Hungarian Dorombs /
Oberton Pro Lab measurements:
Gaps: 30-150 µm (?)
Base frequency: 50-85 Hz (?)
Reed hardness: 40-70 gf (?)
Frame hardness: 150-200 gf (?)
Reed size: 80x15-20 mm
Overall dimensions: 90x50x7 mm (?)
Weight: 45 g
149 USD
Is case included: woodblock (?)
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Shipping: from 4 USD (more...)
Stock: Yes (1) (C/2) (?)

best price
Rococo The Big - enlarged edition of Rococo. Thick framed, has one of the most chirring and the richest timbres, and still easy in use. Soft reed and large reed elbow work the best at average attack, and you'll get pretty loud sound even with soft strokes. Pay attention to holding the frame while playing - frame is sensitive to tension and the jaw harp is easily provoked to clank. You can avoid that with careful holding the frame. Rococo The Big is quite popular among beginners, but actually once one wants to make some real progress in jaw harp playing (which means to gain more control of sound and advance to perceived playing) then one should also practice playing on jaw harps that don't play with all the colors of sound at the same time.