Altay Komuses

The area, glorified in legends and attracting crowds of esoteric minded tourists looking for spiritual enlightenment in unity with nature, has been the homeland of all popular Jew's harps in the world for decades now. This is first and foremost thanks to the Potkin brothers who paved the way for the mass manufacture of komuses. Meanwhile, the reputation of Altai has magically multiplied the properties of the instrument, even spiritualized it, gradually engulfing all of Russia and the former republics in its shadow. To satisfy this desire to touch the unknown or solidify already achieved sensations, any person could buy a ready device for not a lot of money on the way there or on the way back. Meanwhile, this device in its price category was truly revolutionary 20-30 years ago – all of that provided for its recognition and popularity preserved to this day. However, the Altai komus does not hold up well in comparison with most modern steadily developing Jew's harps.
AA936 "Chulcha" Komus (Altay Komuses) AA1276 "Chulcha 2" Komus (Altay Komuses) AA937 "Balturdak" Komus (Altay Komuses)
VP26 "Koldjii-Khan" (Altay Komuses) PP27 Komus "Mountain Altai" (Altay Komuses) AA987 "Orokhtoy" Komus (Altay Komuses) PP924 "Kara-Tyurek" Komus (Altay Komuses)
AA1108 "Beltertuyuk" Komus (Altay Komuses) AA1109 "Karakudyur" Komus (Altay Komuses) AA989 "Argut" Komus (Altay Komuses) AA1110 "Chaganburgazy" Komus (Altay Komuses)
Warning! Overwhelming majority of jaw harps presented are single pieces or made by hand, in very small quantities, instruments. There is no jaw harp factories exists; every one is unique in details, in different degree.
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