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Which jews harp is best for a beginner?

Reed Elbow Rework

Reed Elbow Rework
Oberton Pro Lab measurements:
Overall dimensions: 0x0x0 mm (?)
Shipping: from 3 USD (more...)
Stock: Yes (5+)

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Reducing the length of the tongue of the lamella, along with a decrease in the diameter of the ringlets and the optimization of its shape, make it possible to radically improve the behavior and increase the purity of the sound of some jews harps. The maximum effect is observed for instruments with a long (from 20-25 mm) and with a soft knee. In their original form, with minimal and even gaps, they are more than "sonorous", but very limited in techniques - only uniform blows are given to themselves. Difficult types of combat require maximum concentration, and there is no way to get away from the background. "Cupping" allows the player to expand creative horizons and discover many new things in the rhythmic game.

In addition to optimizing the geometry, smoothing of sharp edges and polishing of the points in contact with a finger is carried out to eliminate rust, getting out at small amplitudes of the tongue stroke.