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Which jews harp is best for a beginner?

S.Shishigin - Play the khomus (book, 2015)

S.Shishigin - Play the khomus (book, 2015)
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56-page book in 3 languages (Yakut, Russian, English) about Yakutian khomus (jew's harp's Sakha local name) by famous artist Spiridon Shishigin. CONTENTS
  • I.E.Alekseev - Khomus Uybaan. Ways of perpetuating khomus music
  • Khomus and khomusists
  • Khomus playing techniques (ways of fixing khomus, producing sound, strike tongue tricks, ways of breathing, sound changing)
  • Khomus playing styles
  • Tips for beginners (wrist exercises, finger exercises for the tongue, mouth, pharynx)
  • Tips for leader khomusists
  • Training program project (familiarization, first steps, passion, instilling love for khomus, training, skills development, honing skills)
  • Conclusion
  • Sing, my khomus