Which jews harp is best for a beginner?

AN639 "Kohosh" Temir-Khomus

AN639 "Kohosh" Temir-Khomus
Khakassian Temir-Khomyses /
Oberton Pro Lab measurements:
Gaps: 150-200 µm (?)
Base frequency: 45-55 Hz (?)
Reed hardness: 90-100 gf (?)
Frame hardness: 500-600 gf (?)
Reed size: 95x25 mm
Overall dimensions: 155x20x4-5 mm (?)
Weight: 60 g
95 USD
Case included: woodblock (?)
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Big jews harp with a moderately low sound and medium hardness reed. The gaps are large - the timbre is soft, but not to deafness, but without the super-high trembling; the spectrum is not wide. With excessive frame sqeezing, highs begin to appear, turning into a rustling chirring. From touching the finger, a light ring is formed; outwards stroke amplifies jitter, which is minimal - but presented - during inwards too. A good bass instrument for those who are accustomed to hold "oak" jews harps, strongly compressing them.