Khakassian Temir-Khomyses

One passing glance at the selection of Khakas temir-homyses is all it takes to make you marvel at the existence of certain regional traditions – similar shapes and, of course, color among other things make these instruments easy to recognize. However, this tradition, is at best “modern” and it originated in one manufactory. Currently, temir-homyses can be divided up into two lines. The first line includes Kokova, Khomatova, Khokhlova, and Nikova products – essentially all of their Jew's harps entail the same thing, differing in their length and consequently their pitch (and, of course, the shape, name, and price). The second line is Evgeny Volgutov’s instruments, which are distinguished by their great variety.
EV820 "Yudin" Temir-Khomus (Khakassian Temir-Khomyses) EV543 "Atnin" Temir-Khomus (Khakassian Temir-Khomyses) EV821 "Cheya" Temir-Khomus (Khakassian Temir-Khomyses) Recommended as first jaw harp
EV560 "Kazyr" Temir-Khomus (Khakassian Temir-Khomyses) Recommended as first jaw harp
Warning! Overwhelming majority of jaw harps presented are single pieces or made by hand, in very small quantities, instruments. There is no jaw harp factories exists; every one is unique in details, in different degree.
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