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Which jews harp is best for a beginner?

Vasiliy Kovatsenko

Vasily Kovatsenko With Varganov I met in October 2009. I was at the festival and one of the guests sitting around the campfire and played on this instrument. The tool immediately won me over with its unusual sound and friendly. And it happened almost immediately begin to extract sounds.
About a week later I bought my first harp ... It was the Altai tool-Minakova Kazantsev ... At first he played almost constantly, every free minute.
Since then, I've had about a dozen instruments. There were doromby and harp Glazyrina and Khakass tools ...
At one point wanted to get a tool with any particular sound, and a hand reached for a file. As a result, the tool 2 have been ruined. But the desire to be lost.
met online with Sergei Litvinov and invited him to visit. Within one day, Sergei told me the basics of manufacturing trump, which was to start my way to my jew's harp.
aim is neither as interesting copy me the tools and create the same Tools, your close to me throughout.
It is not all good, because at this time each next tool turns into something else. But the path of radical experiments will soon be over. I'm close to his instrument.
Currently purpose put myself combine characteristics of different instruments, especially my favorite: the stability and solidity of the Yakut, melodiousness melody and European. And as to achieve a flawless appearance.
soon plans to switch to stainless steel in order to make the frame more rigid, thereby reducing the gaps and improve the sound, and protect tool from rust.
At this point in my collection tool 6, 2 of which I dub as standards: drymba Pyzhov leader 85 and harp Litvinov average.
I play mainly on these two instruments ... its my remains categorically sell and give to the people.
At the moment trumps for me more of a hobby to which I devote 8-12 hours a week ... So it turns out 3-4 tools per month. I'm not chasing volumes for several reasons: 1. I do not want to tear a lot of time on the family and children; 2. I do not want to become a trump manufacturing routine. 3. I prefer quality and do not want to be that it has become a number.
On the other instruments I did not play due to bad enough musical memory)))) the harp It allows you to play "from the heart", constantly improvise and do not force yourself (trying to learn to play the guitar that turned into a nightmare: 6 strings, many frets, 10 fingers ... that much than ... the horror in general)))))
By profession I am a marketer, designer and manual labor for me was a revelation ... before fond manufacturing leather historical shoes ... here, in fact, was born leather case for my tools ...
The music I listen almost always ... mostly folk, folk / metal, thrash and doom ... really like the peculiar these destinations rhythm ...
Over time, collected in Saratov Vargan crowd, organizes workshops for beginners feasibly move forward to jew's harp culture. Active varganistov Saratov 15-20 people ... try to meet, but rarely comes out ...

All owners my trump, and indeed varganistam, I would advise not to try to play fast. Play, IMHO, should be slowly passing and comprehending every sound, every overtone ...

Russia, Saratov

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Warning! Overwhelming majority of jaw harps presented are single pieces or made by hand, in very small quantities, instruments. There is no jaw harp factories exists; every one is unique in details, in different degree.
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