Nepalese Murchungas

Practically all Nepali murchungas are more mass souvenirs for tourists than refined European style as individual instruments, but among them one can encounter completely different quality and style products. The local craftsmen don't have such a concept as a “model” relative to the instrument's practical properties – a huge number of shapes, materials, and decorations are just variations of appearance. The only trait that has to do with the sound is the length and yet the uniqueness of its influence is minimized by randomly selected other components of the tongue’s geometry. In other words, the wood harp can have any appearance and play a million different ways.
JR361 "Mardi Himal" Murchunga (Nepalese Murchungas) JR362 "Bagmati" Murchunga (Nepalese Murchungas) JR865 "Kathmandu" Murchunga (Nepalese Murchungas)
JR967 "Yala" Murchunga (Nepalese Murchungas) JR895 "Kamal Pokhari" Murchunga (Nepalese Murchungas) JR534 "Yubra Himal" Murchunga (Nepalese Murchungas) JR772 "Tharpu Chuli" (Nepalese Murchungas)
JR533 "Gholatse" Murchunga (Nepalese Murchungas) JR894 "Shigu Chuli" (Nepalese Murchungas) JR780 "Ramdung" Murchunga (Nepalese Murchungas) JR866 "Langsisa" Murchunga (Nepalese Murchungas)
JR1216 "Ombigaichen" Murchunga (Nepalese Murchungas) JR868 "Ombigaichen" Murchunga (Nepalese Murchungas)
Warning! Overwhelming majority of jaw harps presented are single pieces or made by hand, in very small quantities, instruments. There is no jaw harp factories exists; every one is unique in details, in different degree.
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