Uncommon, rare, non-serial works from beginners and mature masters - all that has small probability of repeating with the retaining of all qualities. The section serves, first of all, for a brief overview before the personal visit of the Oberton Pro;)
Vargan VD1153 L2 (Rarities) Recommended as first jaw harp Vargan VD1154 L3 (Rarities) Recommended as first jaw harp Vargan VD1155 L4 (Rarities) Recommended as first jaw harp
Jews Harp AR1188 (Rarities) ES1257 Vargan (Rarities)
ES1257 Vargan, 74 USD
"Lyamzay" Vargan (Rarities) HG1333 Vargan (Rarities) Recommended as first jaw harp Recommended for advanced players
HG1333 Vargan, 75 USD
SL1201 Jews Harp (Rarities) IH1255 Khomus (Rarities)
IH1255 Khomus, 100 USD
IH1256 Khomus (Rarities)
IH1256 Khomus, 100 USD
ES1258 Vargan (Rarities)
ES1258 Vargan, 100 USD
Vargan SM1124 (Rarities)
Vargan SM1124, 113 USD
SL1202 Jews Harp (Rarities) SL1331 Vargan (Rarities) Recommended as first jaw harp Recommended for advanced players
SL1331 Vargan, 154 USD
IH1147 Khomus (Rarities)
IH1147 Khomus, 188 USD
IG1288 Vargan (Rarities)
IG1288 Vargan, 200 USD
SF1107 "Lenin" Vargan (Rarities) AR1323 "Aldan" Khomus (Rarities) DR1293 Jews Harp (Rarities)
DR1204 Jews Harp (Rarities) ET1373 "Damask" Khomus (Rarities) UN1069 Jaw Harp (Rarities)
UN1069 Jaw Harp, 525 USD
DR81 Vargan (Rarities)
DR81 Vargan, 563 USD
DR1206 Jews Harp (Rarities) DR1283 Jews Harp (Rarities) IN1347 Khomus (Rarities)
IN1347 Khomus, 650 USD
DR1253 Jews Harp (Rarities)
DR1278 Jews Harp (Rarities) DR1280 Jews Harp (Rarities) DR1281 Jews Harp (Rarities) DR1284 Jews Harp (Rarities)
DR1298 Jews Harp (Rarities) Jews Harp ET1247 (Rarities)
Jews Harp ET1247, 1000 USD
Jews Harp ET1248 (Rarities)
Jews Harp ET1248, 1000 USD
DR1282 Jews Harp (Rarities)
DR1282 Jews Harp, 1313 USD
Warning! Overwhelming majority of jaw harps presented are single pieces or made by hand, in very small quantities, instruments. There is no jaw harp factories exists; every one is unique in details, in different degree.
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