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Which jews harp is best for a beginner?

IH7 "Ebe-Ayaga" Khomus

IH7 "Ebe-Ayaga" Khomus
Yakut Khomuses /
Oberton Pro Lab measurements:
Gaps: 70-80 µm (?)
Base frequency: 80-140 Hz (?)
Reed hardness: 80-180 gf (?)
Frame hardness: 400-500 gf (?)
Reed size: 55-65x15-20 mm
Overall dimensions: 60-70x30x3-4 mm (?)
Weight: 15 g (35 g with case)
75 USD
Is case included: yes
Compatible Cases and Other Accessories

Shipping: from 3 USD (more...)
Stock: Yes (5+)

best price
Small jews harp with a hard reed and a muffled sound. The timbre may seem clean due to the lack of high frequencies - intonation is not hampered by oversaturation and is easy within the available range, but it is rather narrow. The finger is strongly rustling when you touch, and outwards stroke gives dirt. Jews harp for strong striking at any speeds and uncontrolled grip.