Which jews harp is best for a beginner?

AM1045 "Samara" Vargan

AM1045 "Samara" Vargan ' . L('index_recommended_1') . '
Russian Vargans
Oberton Pro Lab measurements:
Gaps: 60-80 µm (?)
Base frequency: 65-75 Hz (?)
Reed hardness: 90-110 gf (?)
Frame hardness: 150-350 gf (?)
Reed size: 80x20-25 mm
Overall dimensions: 90-95x35x5 mm (?)
Archived model (?)
Jaw harp with small gaps, high sensitivity and dense timbre that, with the frame shape and size, fully meets the average statistical idea of what this instrument should be. The purity of sound, appreciated by the aesthetes, in the most cases is sacrificed to a joyous hoarse, especially with outwards strokes. Reed is quite convenient in any style. On average, the instrument is pretty lively and pleasant. It will give many hour of pleasure to any searchin fot "just a good jaw harp".